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Zukan are a special type of figurine. These are generally made 1/40 scale of the Pokemon's actual size (or 1/50 for some larger Pokemon), and are usually by evolution line. Although Zukans are not a main collection of mine, they really facinate me, so I have some of my favorite Pokemon. I like to say that I "casually" collect zukans.

I have seen on LiveJournal that Japanese versions of zukans have a matte finish, while European versions have a glossy finish. However, since I cannot say for certain what releases I have, I do not have it listed next to each zukan.

Zorua Line

This is the standing version of the zukan. There is also another version of the Zorua line where Zoroark is crouching.

Mareep Line

I eventually want my entire SoulSilver team in Zukan form. Meet Gold the Ampharos, one of the best Pokemon on my team! XD

Cyndaquil Line

Typhlosion is my favorite fire starter, and part of my SoulSilver team, so of course I had to buy a zukan of my team member, Blitz the Typhlosion! Oh yeah, and then there's the Cyndaquil and Quilava pieces. :P

Plusle and Minun

These guys are just ridiculously tiny. They are so small that the entire zukan is one piece so that you cannot remove (and lose) Plusle and Minun. I couldn't help but buy them! XD

Victini and Scraggy Movie Zukan

I was really excited when I first saw this zukan online, because it had Victini in it, and Scraggy was beginning to grow on me as well. However, once I received it in the mail... That's a different story. Victini has an awful paint job.. I hope that one day, Victini gets another official zukan..


Look how cool this zukan is! It's Rayquaza piercing through the clouds of Hoenn!


While I was putting this thing together, the peg holding up Celebi snapped on me. DX It ended up only breaking a little piece and it was still useable, but this thing is extremely delicate. The peg can fall out without warning, causing Celebi to go crashing into the underbrush.

Celebi, Pikachu and Piplup

Look familiar? Here's a hint.. *points to previous zukan*

I believe this is a movie version. I bought it for the Pikachu, but of course his paintjob is a mess, so I lie and say that I needed to have both versions of Celebi.

Larvitar Line

Ah, Tyranitar. One of my favorite Pokemon. Such a beast.

I saw this zukan and freaked out a little. After a wants post on LiveJournal, this thing eventually popped up for sale, and I bought it as fast as possible. Awwww yeah.


Pikachu Line

After wanting this zukan set for years, one showed up for auction on LJ. The downsides were that Pikachu's right ear was broken, there was no peg for Raichu, and it was on the incorrect base. The upside was that because of the faults, it only costed about $20, so I bought it anyways.