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Video Game Titles

These are all of the Pokemon video games that I currently own in my collection, along with the year of the release date in the United States.

 Pokemon Blue



I bought this game years after it was released. In fact, I was at Gamestop buying a used HeartGold version when I picked this up, since it was "last call" on the GameBoy games before Gamestop would stop selling them anymore, new or used. I picked it up for about $5 I think.


Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition



This was my very first video game, and also the reason I began to love Pikachu. I had this game along with a Gameboy Advance system. I lost the systems numerious times and kept buying new ones (I went through 3 or 4- yikes), but I luckily never lost this game.

Pokemon Pinball


I got this game from a lot I was co-hosting for a GA. I had owned this game a long time ago but lost it in a house move, so I was glad I was able to find another copy for $1.

Hey You, Pikachu!


I bought this game along with an N64 years after the game and system had been released (I think around 2011). I had originally owned an N64 when I was younger but it had been lost between moving. I never owned Hey You, Pikachu!, but I knew about the game and had always wanted it. I went to a vintage game shop and they had an N64 for sale, so I bought it along with a few games, including this game with a mic.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game


I lost my original copy of this game while moving, but ended up finding another copy at a yard sale years later for a quarter. It is a pretty fun game that includes the first few sets of the actual Pokemon TCG cards.

Pokemon Crystal

Crystal is probably my favorite Pokemon game of all time. My father bought it for me right after it was released, and I had so much fun with this game. This was the first game I ever got a Pokemon to level 100 (my starter, Typhlosion) and it was also my favorite because it was Generation II.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire


I bought Sapphire shortly after its release when I was moving to a new house for the fourth time, and bought Ruby shortly after defeating the Elite Four in Sapphire. Sapphire currently has the most logged hours of play (I believe around 190 hours, I will edit this once I double check!). I also have an addtional copy of Ruby that I use to get Jirachi from my Collosseum Bonus Disc.

Pokemon Channel


I got a GameCube for my birthday one year, and it came with Pokemon Channel. Channel was the very first GameCube game I ever owned or played, and I spent lots of time playing with a little Pikachu.

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Pokemon Colosseum


Pokemon Colosseum was the next Pokemon GameCube game that I bought after Channel. I remember waking up early so that I would have time to play this game before school. Colosseum is one of my favorite GameCube games of all time.

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Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen


I was really excited to get these games once they were announced, since at the time, I had never played Red or Blue. I have an additional LeafGreen, although I am not sure why.. I could have bought it possibly to get all of the starters. *shrug*

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness


As a sequel game to Colosseum, I had to buy it because of my love for its prequel. This is a great game, and I love Shadow Lugia. 

Picture coming soon!

Pokemon Emerald


Since I loved Ruby and Sapphire so much, I decided to get Emerald once it was released. I am not sure why I bought a second one years later; I guess I just like having duplicate games to catch duplicate legendaries in and get starters.

Pokemon Dash


I bought this game because it was Pokemon and it had Pikachu on the cover. XD It was actually a pretty fun game, even though the objective is simple.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:

Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team


I am not sure why I bought both versions.. I just kind of felt like it, I guess. Mystery Dungeon is fun, but it is not one of my favorites.

Pokemon Trozei!


I did not know about this game until I saw it in a store one day. I decided to buy it and try it out, and I liked it more than expected, so I ended up keeping it.

Pokemon Ranger


I originally bought this game only for the special Manaphy egg to transfer to other games. I did not think it was going to be a very good game. After checking three stores, I finally found a copy of Ranger, and once I played it, I loved the game.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl


I pre-ordered Diamond and Pearl, but was beginning to stop liking Pokemon (I was going through that Middle School phase where everything is "uncool", pfft). One day, my best friend asked if I had one of the games, and I played a battle against him on my Diamond, which made me start playing Pokemon again. Because of this, Diamond is one of my games with a ton of hours logged in the save file (around 108 hours I believe, I will double check!).

Pokemon Battle Revolution


I had gone to a little tournament at GameStop involving Diamond/Pearl battling on Battle Revolution. After the tournament, I decided to buy the game. Not my favorite game ever, but it has great graphics.

Picture coming soon!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

I bought this game hoping that maybe I would like Mystery Dungeon after this game, but unfortunately, it didn't make me like the series more or less than I originally had.

Pokemon Platinum


Giratina was one of my favorite Pokemon on Diamond, so when Platinum was announced, I bought it for the sole sake of Giratina.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver


I originally owned Gold and Silver right before I got Crystal, and they were my favorite games. When the rereleases were announced, I was really excited. I only bought SoulSilver to begin with, but I absolutely loved it, and bought HeartGold too.

Pokemon Black and White


Black and White was where I start seriously getting back into Pokemon, and also when I started collecting. At this point, I had gotten into the habit of pre-ordering both games rather than just one and buying the other later. Even though Generation V isn't my favorite of all time, the games are great.

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2


What's all of this in the picture you ask? Well, I picked up Black 2 and White 2, and I also got some display stuff! The preview guide came with the games, and I got the promotional boxes and the Keldeo WiFi event poster. Gamestop has such awesome employees. <3

The display boxes compared to the actual game cases.

Video Game Related Merchandise

Pikachu 3DS XL

This is one of the pride and joys of my collection. I always wanted a Pokemon game system. The first one I had ever heard about was the Pikachu Gameboy SP, but I never had the chance to buy one. Then finally, the Pikachu 3DS XL was announced in the US, and I was at Nintendo World by the time it was released, so I was finally able to buy a Pokemon system!