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Pokemon Trading Cards

I am a very big Pokemon Trading Card collector! I got into collecting the card series a little after getting into the anime when I was around four years old. However, I lost most of my childhood collection between a house fire, other kids stealing from me, and moving several times. I now spend my time trying to complete all of the American TCG sets.

 Instead of showing my entire collection, I will be posting highlights (like my shiny collection), any card sets as they are completed, TCG accessories and personal favorites. 

Shiny Collection

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon that come in an alternate color (black Charizard, red Celebi, etc). They were first introduced to TCG in the Neo sets, and were called "Shining" Pokemon.  There was also a set known as Crystal Pokemon within the e-Series card sets, where the Pokemon were not necessarily shiny, but the card types were Colorless. These are considered by many collectors to be the equivalent to the Shining Pokemon previously introduced in the Neo sets.

After the e-Series sets, Shiny Pokemon made a reappearance in some EX sets, now known as "Gold Star Pokemon", due to the Gold Star in each card's name. After the Gold Stars, any name change for shiny Pokemon was dropped. They are now usually secret rare cards in a set or promotional cards.

The following are all of my shiny cards as of February 15th, 2013. This list does not include the legendary beasts promotional shiny cards.

Personal Favorites

Below are some of my favorite cards. These are my favorites that I feel deserve their own little description on my site. These are my favorites for different reasons: rarity, memories behind the card, artwork, almost anything that makes a card special

Charizard EX

FireRed and LeafGreen

One of my rarest cards! I went to a card shop with a friend of mine from LiveJournal (Toda), and they had this card for sale for a pretty reasonable price. After a lot of self-convincing, I bought it along with a bunch of other holos/rev holos, and got an amazing deal on them all!


Pokemon: The First Movie Promo #5

This card is not particularly rare, so why is it up here? Well, you see, I kind of adore Messenger Dragonite. Back when I watched Pokemon: The First Movie, I fell in love with Dragonite's character, and the idea of a Messenger Dragonite was really cool to me. If he had more merchandise (and his kid figure wasn't so expensive), I would collect Messenger Dragonite. That's why I love this card so much.

Birthday Pikachu

Black Star Promo #24

My boyfriend bought me this Pikachu card for my birthday. Creative, right?

I saw this card on a sales post and wanted it really badly. I had spent days convincing myself not to buy it. Eventually, I caved, and asked the seller if I could buy it. The card had already been sold, and I was pretty upset. It turns out that my boyfriend had bought the card before I could to surprise me with it.

This card has such amazing artwork. <3

Zapdos EX

FireRed and LeafGreen

This was the very first EX that I ever pulled. As a child, I was completely mezmorized by this card. I use to take it out and stare at it all the time, because I thought it was the most beautiful card in the world.

Completed Sets

Pokemon cards are released in sets and each set is given a name. I collect the American sets of Pokemon TCG, and will list each set here as I complete them.

If you would like to see more about each set, you should check out Serebii's database on the English TCG sets here.


Base Set (1999)


This section is for anything that doesn't fit in the above categories but should still get some space on my site. This will most likely be various TCG accessories and special sets.

Pokemon Center 15th Anniversary Premium Collection

This was released for Pokemon's 15th Anniversary, along with other goods with the badass Pikachu design. I had been looking on Yahoo!Japan auctions just for fun when I spotted the set, and I had never even heard about the 15th Anniversary merchandise being released yet! I went over to Ebay and found one for a better price. I have never opened my personal set, but here's what comes in the box: 

Promo Pikachu FA card, Pikachu sleeves, deckbox, damage counters and counter case. Trivia fact: this is the first time Pokemon has ever made the 100 damage counters!
Original image from PokeBeach