Pika Fanatic

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When I was a kid, I was first introduced to Pokemon by the tv show, cards and video games. Yellow was my very first video game, and I absolutely loved Ash's Pikachu in the animated series. Pikachu had always been a favorite of mine, so when I joined PKMNCollectors, I instantly decided that Pikachu would be my main collection.


Chubs the Pikachu


This little guy is my Pokemon mascot! Made by Tomy, he is a tiny plush. He also happens to be a squeaky toy. Yes, you squeeze his belly and he squeaks. It doesn't get much better than that! You'll see Chubs in just about every photostory and Pokemon-related YouTube video that I will ever make.

My boyfriend is the one who named him Chubs. 

Pudge the Pikachu


Meet Chubs' brother! Also made by Tomy (according to his tush tag, back when the compay was Tomy Auldey), he also squeaks as well! I am not sure about the date, because his tush tag has no date, but the seller I bought it from says he's 1998.

Christmas Pikachu


This is one of my favorite plush. And it's STILL SEALED! :O How awesome is that?!

This is a pretty sweet looking TOMY plush. I won this in a GA on LiveJournal. On its tag it has a few other Pokemon pictured, which I am pretty sure are also part of this Christmas set.

Christmas Pikachu


A Banpresto plush (that costed 150 Yen, according to the price sticker still on its tush tag), he was one of the first plush that I won in an auction on LiveJournal. He has a few strings broken here and there, but it's all good.

Potato the Pikachu


A 2007 sleepy Pikachu plush that is apparently pretty rare. This is a pretty large plush as well, about 15" long, not including the tail. Extremely fat and sleepy, so I named him Potato.

He was a birthday gift from my mom the first year I was on PKMNCollectors~


Flipper Pikachu


A 12" Pikachu plush that I bought from a seller on LiveJournal. He is very worn out, although it is hard to show in images. He has no tags so I know nothing about this plush.

He has interesting feet and hands..

Lifesize Pikachu Plush


I am not quite sure about the year since the tag is cut in half, but I do believe this was the first 1:1 Pikachu made. Fat face, fat body, and cheeks that poke out of his face, he is one of the fattest Pikachu plush I have.

Battle Scar

Lifesize Pikachu Plush


This is the Pikachu that started it all! My boyfriend has one that he showed me one day, and being the loving girlfriend/Pokemon fan that I am, I decided to find one and buy it for myself to match. I ended up buying this one on Amazon, and found PKMNcollectors on LiveJournal while I was searching, and that's when I joined and began actively collecting Pokemon.

He came with a big tear in his head, scratches on his eyes, and lots of shaved spots, so I named him Battle Scar.

Do these scars make me look tough?

Lifesize Pikachu Plush


This lifesize plush is from the Diamond/Pearl era. I had been collecting for almost 2 years, never seeing this one for sale, but knowing it existed from another collector. Then one day, I found it by coincidence on Yahoo!Japan, so I bid on it and won.


Lifesize Pikachu Plush


The 1:1 Laying Pikachu plush, also one of the more expensive plush ($200-250), this guy was from the Rainbow Pikachu Promotion. He is one of my favorite Pikachu plush. Some kind of long minky fabric was used for this plush, so it's extremely cuddly and addicting to just pet all the time. For that reason, I named him Cuddles, after my boyfriend suggested the name.

Side view... Y'know, just because.

Lifesize Dittochu Plush


This Ditto-morphed-into-Pikachu plush, commonly nicknamed Dittochu, was part of the Rainbow Pikachu promotion in 2010. Along with the laying Pikachu plush, it became very difficult to find and very expensive shortly after the promotion. I had posted about wanting one on LiveJournal, and cyritic replied offering me one with its original tag at a good price. <3

Lifesize Pikachu Plush


The plush to the left is the 2012 release that I bought from Nintendo World. Look at the adorable expression on its face! Such a cutie. <3

Some of my 1:1 pikachus together. You would think Pikachu's design would stay at least a little more consistent!

I am currently missing 2 1:1 Pikachus that I know of: A much older release, circa Gold/Silver era, and the 2013 Japanese release.

Balloon Pikachu


Also part of the Rainbow Pikachu promotion, this Pikachu plush is one of my favorites, because it reminds me of the opening of Pokemon Yellow along with Surfing Pikachu. This Pikachu plush was a lucky find on Yahoo!Japan, and I got it for really cheap since it didn't come with the decorated box.

Pikachu Backpack


An adorable backpack I got from Hot Topic. I ended up taking it to my first TCG competition, that I miserably failed, and this backpack has never been used since.

He has a makeup smudge under his right eye from one of my sisters. DX

Pikachu Pokedolls

In this image are the Pikachu DX pokedoll (2010), the normal pokedoll (2011), and the mini pokedoll (2007). I bought the normal and DX from Nintendo World, and the mini from LiveJournal. Pikachu will most likely be the only pokemon that I collect pokedolls of that are not the normal size.

Pikachu Osaka Pokedolls- 1st Anniversary


In Japan, each Pokemon Center has its own signature Pokemon with something a little different about their designs (usually clothing or accessories). Items of these exclusive designs are only sold at that Pokemon Center. For the Pokemon Center in Osaka, Pikachu is given a bowtie.

This DX and mini keychain Pikachu set were released for Pokemon Center Osaka's Re-Opening 1 Year Anniversary. I opened up the bag to remove the keychain plush. I have never removed the DX Pokedoll, AND NEVER WILL! D:

Detail shot of the feet, that have "Renewal 1st Anniv." written on them. Their left feet have the Pokeball symbol embroidered on.


Pikachu Worlds Plush


Worlds is the Pokemon TCG and Video Game competition held once a year in various locations. For the 2010 Worlds, it was held in Hawaii.

I got this plush after my 2012 and 2013 dolls- but it was well worth the wait! This is a very cute plush, and I got it in perfect condition from a seller on LJ.

Nicknamed Hulachu, since he's going to teach me how to hula one day.


Pikachu Worlds Plush


Worlds is the Pokemon TCG and Video Game competition held once a year in various locations. For the 2012 Worlds, it was held in Hawaii.

I got this awesome plush from someone on LiveJournal, who was willing to do a trade for some of my custom work (thank you, lady_avii!). He is adorable and pretty well made! I would love to have all of the 2012 Worlds merch someday, but I'll settle with the plush for now.

Nicknamed Tikichu. I mean, come on, it's obvious. XD

Look how cute the Tikichu tag artwork is! <3


Pikachu Worlds Plush


Worlds is the Pokemon TCG and Video Game competition held once a year in various locations. For the 2013 Worlds, it was held in Vancouver, Canada.

Worlds is always the signal to start frantically searching the internet for these plushies, because they always sell out quickly and the prices are ridiculous. These sold out within the first few hours of Worlds, and even people who had gone in person didn't have the chance to grab one. I was extremely lucky, and found one for a very nice price on Ebay, so I snatched it up right away. 

Nicknamed Nativechu since I don't really know what other nickname would fit...

Talking Pikachu Plush


A McDonalds plush (how many of you guys knew McDonalds made Pokemon plush?), I got him in a GA that I hosted. He only says his name, but it's so unbelieveably adorable and ieeeee! <3 I will be very sad when the batteries die. :(

Itty Bitty Pikachu


A little Pikachu plush made by Bandai (and a really old plush, too!). This guy was a little extra that I bought from a GA I had participated in. He came with my 1:1 Totodile, so he must have felt very insecure about being in a box with such a large plush.

Play by Play Pikachu


My older sister found this on the street one day and grabbed it for me. Don't I have such a loving family?

This guy isn't in the best shape of his life, but I am slowly fixing him up. He is extremely fat and bigger than my 1:1 plush.

Snowchu Winter Plush


Snowchu! <3 A very cute plush that I got off of SunyShore. The previous year, I tried to order the 2011 Christmas plush, and was too late. I wasn't going to let that happen to me a second time!

Toy Factoy Pikachu


I found this one day at Dave and Busters. I had walked in thinking I wouldn't find any prizes worth getting, and saw this little guy and decided I might as well. Not the best quality plush, but still a Pikachu!

This is the 10" version. I believe multiple sizes were made and released to places such as Six Flags.

Toy Factory Pikachu


This was an extra in a GA that I hosted. I'm not that fond of Toy Factory plush.

DX Fuzzy Laying Pikachu


This Pikachu is from the I <3 Pikachu series. He is a very cute and cuddly plush! <3 There is also a version with its eyes closed, but unfortunately the person I preordered it with said they were unavailable yet somehow they had extras to sell at a higher price.

Close-up of the hang tag. Isn't the artwork just amazing? <3


Pikachu Speaker Plush


This is a really neat plush in my opinion! It is a Pikachu holding a Boombox/stereo and there is a wire you can plug into something and use the plush as a speaker! The sound quality is awful, considering it was made back in 2002, but it's still adorable! Its cheeks even light up to the rhythm. :)

I nicknamed him Boombox~

Pikachu Couple Plush


This is from the 2012 Pikachu Valentine set. It is probably my favorite Pikachu set of all time, because it is one of the very few times that Female Pikachu gets any attention. I ordered this plush off of SunyShore back when the set was released, and I hope to have all of the merch from this set someday. <3

I have a thing for nice hang tag artwork.

Pikachu Couple Cushions


Also from the 2012 Pikachu Valentine set, these pillows were not a priority at the time, so I made the mistake of not buying them when they were first released. They immediately skyrocketed in price, and it took me over a year to find a set for a decent price. 

Ice Cream Pikachu Plush


I got this Pikachu plush in a GA. At first I thought he was holding a bowl or drum, since the picture wasn't too detailed. Once I received him, I realized he was holding an ice cream cone. Something went on top of the ice cream, since there is a little velcro piece on top, but the previous owner did something to it. :(

Pikachu Plush


This cute little Pikachu was an extra in a GA that I hosted. He seems to like apples.


Hasbro? Plush


A friend of mine at school gave me this plush when she found out that I was starting a serious collection. She said that she had this plush since she was little, and named him "Thunder the Magical Farting Pikachu"... I kept Thunder, and dropped the rest of his name..

Dirty plush is dirty. One day I will give him a bath.

Pikachu Beanie


This beanie was an extra from a GA that I hosted. He has a nice weight to him, but he's just really weird. XD

Pikachu Bell Plush


Bell plush are known for being one of the rarest yet derpy and bad quality plush. They have a string and a little colored bell attached to the top of their heads.

I have a slight obsession with bells, so when I first got this in the mail, I jingled it for probably an hour or two straight until my sister threatened to cut the string... X3

Pikachu Advanced Generation Keychain Plush


This plush was part of the gift I received for the 2013 Valentine's Exchange from spideyroxas on PKMNcollectors. <3 He's so cute and soft! I didn't even know this line existed until I got my package in the mail and looked it up!

Ichiban Kuji Pikachu Lottery Plush


This plush was given out as a lottery prize in Japan. He is holding a mini Victini pokedoll, which I find extremely adorable. <3 I thought he would be a little better quality fabric-wise, but oh well.

Ichiban Kuji Pikachu Lottery Plush


Just like the plush above, this was one of the prizes for the Ichiban Kuji lottery in Japan. This one is a Pikachu holding a mini Pichu pokedoll, how adorable! I bought this as one of my first purchases from Yahoo!Japan.

Ichiban Kuji Pikachu Lottery Cushion


One of the larger prizes, this cushion was one of the things I was really looking forward to once the Ihciban Kuji lottery started. It was part of my first purchase from Yahoo!Japan, since I didn't have the money for it when it was first released. I was hoping it would be better quality material, but it's still really adorable and a nice size for a cushion.

Banpresto Halloween Pikachu


This banpresto was a trade with cinivala on LJ along with some TCG for some plush at Nintendo World. He is a very spiffy little Pikachu, with his Pumpkin necktie and orange top hat. <3


Halloween Pikachu Plush


Isn't this one of the cutest ideas you've ever seen?! Pikachu is going out trick-or-treating, and thought of the most unoriginal costume ever: a ghost! The costume is tied to its hang tag, so it's completely removable, and you can see how happy Pikachu is to be trick-or-treating!

Pikachu Winter Plush


I bought this Pikachu along with the Sapporo Pikachu from Ebay. It was a really cute plush that I had only seen once before, so I bought it without hesitation.

Sapporo Pikachu Cowboy Plush


The Pokemon Center in Sapporo has Cowboy Pikachu as its signature design.

I got this plush along with the 2008 winter plush from a seller on Ebay. I hadn't seen this plush before, but I had seen Cowboy Pikachu merchandise and artwork before, so I bought the plush. I love Pokemon Center specific merchandise. 

Pikachu Monthly? Plush


I believe this is a Pikachu Monthly plush, although I am not sure.  Pikachu does look really happy with its Magikarp kite(?) and puffy cheeks, though.

Oops! Pikachu


Pokemon Co. made a random Pikachu promotion near the end of 2013 called Pikachu Oops! Essentially, the entire promotion is focused on Pikachu being clumsy, and thus breaking and spilling things around the house.

The plush they made for this promotion is Pikachu accidentally squirting out too much orange paint. This Pikachu is an artist. I'm an artist. We're both extremely clumsy. It's almost as if this promotion was made specifically for me!

Pokemon Time Pikachu Plush


Pokemon Time is a well-known promotion among collectors, being famous for its simple and adorable designs, and new pieces added to the series every year or so. Some of the items from this collection end up becoming highly sought after, especially since some of the collection is targeted specifically at adult collectors.

This Pikachu is a mini plush with magnets in its hands, so it can hug your index finger while you admire its adorable eyes.

BEAMS Shiny Patchwork Pikachu Plush


This was the second release of shiny Pikachu plushies, and I just had to grab one for myself. I preordered it with Gin on LJ even though I didn't originally like the Patchwork plushies.. Once I saw it in person however, I just loved it. I am really glad that I preordered the plush despite my initial impression of Patchwork plush.

Pikachu Keychain Plush


This was an exclusive keychain from Nintendo World. Once I found out about it, I edited my pickup list to include one for myself, since my parents were going the next day to pick up some stuff for me. Alas, I have an adorable Pikachu keychain plush thing.

BK? Pikachu Plush


This Pikachu was an extra from a GA I hosted. It feels like there's something heavy inside him, possibly a battery pack, but there's no way of knowing unless I tear the tiny plush open. He sis in his little Pokeball, ready for battle when you pop it open.

He has become one of my nephew's favorite toys.



This Pikachu was an extra item from a GA. He is in bad condition, with nothing to identify himself, so I felt bad and got it.

I named him Pastel, for his very light and possibly faded yellow color.


Ash and Pikachu Tiny TOMY Figure


These are the cutest figures ever! This is a super small set- the Pikachu is comparable to its zukan piece. Teeny tiny little trainer and his fellow Pokemon!

Shiny Female Rumble U Pikachu Figure

This was originally a Japan release, and I really wanted it, but had never used a deputy service on Yahoo!Japan auctions before. After getting used to the deputy service, this figure disappeared from Y!J and I was heartbroken. I was willing to pay $200+ for this tiny thing- but luckily, I didn't have to. It was released in the US shortly afterwards, and I ended up winning one off of LJ for about $40. Patience pays off, and I lucked out in the end!

Pikachu TOMY


I got this figurine at the Black and White Mall tour, and have kept it in package ever since.

Pikachu and Eevee "Last One" Ichiban Kuji Lottery Prize


After getting into a bidwar with someone else on LJ, I won this item for more than I probably should have paid. It was still worth it though! The figure is highly detailed and very beautiful.

Pikachu Kyun Chara Ichiban Kuji Figure


This was an Ichiban Kuji lottery prize, and it was pretty popular. I lucked out and found one for only $5 because the seller really wanted to get rid of them. 

Pikachu Halloween Party Card

Toda sent me this as a way to protect some TCG that she was sending me. PIKACHU IN A JACK-O-LANTERN. SO CUTEEE <3

Pikachu Halloween Decoration


I believe this is meant to be folded up as a party hat, but I don't want to curve it. DX

Pikachu Shopping Bags

These were Japan-only shopping bags from the Pokemon Center. Gotta have some Pikachu! <3

The opposite sides have additional poses of Pikachu.

Pikachu and Audino Shopping Bag

I got this plastic bag at the Black and White Mall Tour, and I believe this is the design currently used at the Japan Pokemon Centers.

The other side has the Generation V starters in green.

Pikachu Drawstring Bag

I picked up this Pikachu bag at Spencer's along with a Sonic the Hedgehog bag. It is extremely cute, espeically the ears that stick out when you close the bag and use it.

Pikachu Hat

I got this lovely hat from Hot Topic. Unfortunately, one of the Pokeballs fell off. :(

Pikachu Mini Clearfile

I got this from an auction on LJ. It came in a set with two other clearfiles (as you can see in the photo to the right). I sold/traded the other two since I only wanted the Pikachu one.

Pikachu Cup

This is an old Pikachu cup. It has a hole at the top of his head where a bendy straw would have gone, but the seller said the straw had been broken and it wasn't included in the auction. But that's okay with me, because I won this for $0.25.

I believe Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur also got cups like these, but I have only ever seen the Squirtle one.

Bouncy Ball

A gift from my boyfriend of one of his childhood toys. <3 It's a little deflated so I haven't been able to bounce it around my house and break things with it. >.>

I believe this is from around the DP era, but I am not sure.

Pokemon Center Tohoku Keychain


Although this is technically not a "Pikachu" item, I consider it part of my Pikachu Collection (and Victini if I had a collection..). This is a region-specific item that you can only get from the Pokemon Center in Tohoku, Japan, and was from when they first opened.

It might be hard to tell from the picture, but this keychain is still MIP, never opened before.~

Pikachu Kids

Various Years

Kids are small, hollow figures made as finger puppets for kids. There are plenty of Pikachu kids, and I hope to one day have all of them. These are all of the Pikachu kids that I currently own.

Pikachu Belt


Only collectors with the most exquisite taste in fashion have this amazing belt holding up their unworthy pant attire.

....I really like this belt.

Pikachu Pokepark Hat


And you thought the belt was nerdy, didn't you?

I looove this hat. I got it off of an auction on LJ and I wear it around my house sometimes. When I'm not wearing it, my Kirby plush is.

Pikachu Adventure Goods Keychain


This was a trade as commission for helping crytic on LJ get an Altaria pokedoll. <3 It is such an adorable keychain, and if I ever get another one, I will hang it from my phone.

Pikachu and Pichu Pin


This is a completely random item that I found on LJ one day. I thought it was hilarious, so I bought it.

Pikachu 3DS XL


Check out the Video Games collection page to read more about this!

Pikachu VCR


This was an awesome find on Ebay, since I think I paid a total of $40 for a perfect working model with both remotes, which is apparently hard to find all of the pieces of this VCR with all of them still functioning fine. Now I can watch my old Pokemon VHS in style B)