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Life-Sized (1:1) Plush

1:1 Plush are Pokemon plushies that are made to scale, which means that these are "life-sized" versions of each Pokemon. There are not many variants of these plush, and I do not pay full value for these generally, which is why I have made them a side collection. 1:1 plushies generally cost around $100, although some easily surpass that amount. 

1:1 Pikachu

Various Years

1:1 Meowth


This plush was another impulse buy, just because it was at a good price to help make up for the crazy shipping cost. Older 1:1 plushies definitely weigh more, and in Meowth's case, are slightly terrifying. >.>;

1:1 Eevee Re-Release


If you know a little about Pokemon collecting in general, you probably already know that Eeveelution merchandise is usually the priciest and highest in demand. Eevee's original 1:1 Plush is no exception. By stroke of luck, Pokemon Co had a giant "I <3 Eievui" Eeveelution promotion, which included a re-release of the 1:1 Eevee plush. Now instead of paying $400+, I only had to pay about $85. The one downside to this was that the re-release had design changes that most people are not very fond of, including myself. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

1:1 Chikorita


1:1 Totodile


I bought Totodile for a really good price from a GA held by dezchu. When Totodile arrived, his teeth were in very bad condition (split and the glue was a total mess and left brown marks). I scrubbed Totodile's teeth and mouth clean, and he looks much better now.~

1:1 Cyndaquil


1:1 Pichu


I think that 1:1 Pichu is one of the cutest older 1:1 plushies. He's very happy, and just wants to give you a big hug!

I honestly can't remember who I bought this guy off of, but it was from LJ.

1:1 Piplup


There was a seller that had this Piplup up for sale multiple times, and I slowly watched as each time, the price lowered. Then finally, they put Piplup up for sale at $20, so I bought it ASAP.

1:1 Fennekin


After falling in love with Fennekin during the XY Nintendo Direct announcement, I waited months for a 1:1 plush. Finally when it was announced, I got one from Japan from my buddy pokabubu. Of course after I received mine, Nintendo World started stocking the American versions. XD But that's okay, because I love my Fennie!